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February 22, 2024 1 min read

So here's the thing.  We are in a really weird time at the moment.  If you go to Amazon and look up the top selling t shirts at the moment, you would think we are living in communist Russia or Nazi Germany at the moment in the 40's or 50's.  Top sellers...(drum roll please), ......... plain black and grey t shirts.  Dismal as F*&K.  Whatever happened to all the color and fun we grew up with?  Well, I guess it's getting rubbed out.  Intentional or not, we really dont give a F#$k.  Don't let that $hi7 happen.  Remember who you are.  A summation of all your previous experiences.  That concert where you partied until you and your friend peed in the Taxi and when your Grandma picked you up, she said, "you guys smell like peanuts".  Or what about that video game that kept you up for 4 days straight and you had to wear diapers because there was no way to pause the game.  Or the band that made you so crazy, you almost did anything possible to go to the concert.  It's all wrapped into to graphic t shirts.  They remind you of who you are.  They make a statement.  In essence, they are really the main form of clothing that tells people who you are or the statement you would like to make.  So don't give into the mind numbing realm of black and grey t shirts, get what you really want.  A graphic T that actually has an impact and makes your life just that much better.