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Donkey Kong 64 - New Vintage Animation T shirt


This iconic super soft vintage style T-shirt is screen printed by hand.

Printed on perfect super high quality 100% cotton crew neck tees.

Please note: the shirt shown in these pictures is the exact shirt you will receive.

This T-shirt is thick and sturdy but still comfortable and super soft. Inspired by retro styles of the past, these t shirts bring all that goodness back, but on an incredible new yet old school t shirt.

Extremely hard to get a hold of, and even harder to let go!

These shirts are single stitched for that amazing old school touch.

The shirt is pre washed and slightly distressed, so there is no shrinkage to worry about.

Made with super strong and sturdy cotton, but still super soft and comfy.

You get 30 days to return if you are not pleased for any reason.

If you decide to distress the T to make it even more unique, the return policy becomes null and void. If you are returning for a refund, the shirt must be returned in the state it was received in. In other words, if you add a bunch of tears and fade it out, you can not return the shirt for a full refund. Just so you know, we almost never receive shirts back anyway. It’s just nice to know that you are covered if you are not pleased for any reason.

Get one of the coolest, old school T’s out there.

About Donkey Kong...

Donkey Kong is a video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto. It follows the adventures of an ape named Donkey Kong and his clan of other apes and monkeys. The franchise primarily consists of platform games, originally single-screen action puzzle games and later side-scrolling platformers. The first game was the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, featuring the homonymous character as the main antagonist in an industrial construction setting and the debut of both the Donkey Kong and Mario characters. The title was a massive success and was followed by two sequels released in 1982 and 1983. In 1994, the franchise was relaunched with the platformer Donkey Kong Country, in which Donkey Kong defeats a variety of anthropomorphic enemies, mainly the Kremlings, a clan of crocodiles led by King K. Rool who antagonize the Kongs by stealing their banana hoard.


Donkey Kong Vintage Animation T-shirt

Donkey Kong Vintage Animatie T-shirt

Donkey Kong Vintage Animation T-paita

T-shirt Donkey Kong Vintage Animation

Donkey Kong Vintage Animation T-Shirt

Μπλουζάκι Donkey Kong Vintage Animation

Donkey Kong Vintage hreyfimyndabolur

Léine T Beochana Vintage Donkey Kong

Maglietta Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation


동키콩 뉴 빈티지 애니메이션 티셔츠

Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation t-skjorte

تی شرت انیمیشن قدیمی Donkey Kong New Vintage

Camiseta Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation

Tricou Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation

Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation футболка

Camiseta Donkey Kong Nueva Animación Vintage

Donkey Kong New Vintage Animation t-shirt

Crys t Animeiddio Vintage Newydd Donkey Kong

ייזל קאָנג ניו ווינטאַגע אַנימאַטיאָן ה-העמד

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