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Black Sabbath World Tour Captain Boot T Shirt

Now for the most incredible T-shirt.....you've gotta get it. This is a Black Sabbath world tour T, and it's got a demon on the front hovering over a circle of candles. There's a pentagram in the circle, and the demons wearing a 666 necklace and above him is the Black Sabbath logo with a top to bottom gradient of red and yellow.  On the back it says World Tour and it's got it like a bat demon creature that's flying.  The colors that are used are red, yellow and blue and white. This is on a black T-shirt but it's faded so it's slightly gray you get 30 days to look it over if you're not happy for any reason you can return it for a full refund.  Its single stitched too.  This T comes in many sizes.  It's insane.

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