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New Vintage Clash Combat Rock Tour T-Shirt

The Clash's "Combat Rock" tour took place in 1982, in support of their fifth studio album of the same name. The tour included dates in Europe, North America, and Japan, and featured the band's signature blend of punk, rock, reggae, and political commentary.

The official tour t-shirt for the "Combat Rock" tour was a black crew neck t-shirt, made from a single-stitched cotton material. The shirt featured the tour's iconic logo, which consisted of a stylized military helmet with a red star and the words "The Clash Combat Rock Tour 1982" written around it.

The shirt was a popular souvenir for fans who attended the shows, and it has since become a sought-after collector's item for fans of the band and punk rock in general. It represents not only the tour itself, but also the cultural and political climate of the early 1980s, when punk rock was at its height and global tensions were high.

Overall, the "Combat Rock" tour was a landmark moment in The Clash's career and in the history of punk rock, and the official tour t-shirt remains a powerful symbol of that era.

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