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Unleash Your Inner Beast: The Deftones "Around The Fur" Tee That's Pure Feral Fashion!

Hey fashionable people and t-shirt fans, let's get strapped in! Prepare to unleash your inner animal with the Feral Elegance: Deftones ‘Around The Fur’ T-shirt. With this one, you won’t find just any band logo, but an indirect nod to the album that placed Deftones without a doubt on top of the alternative metal. Super soft 100% cotton knit makes this crewneck all at once relaxing, funky and practical, perfect for any music lover’s collection.
Take a look at this front side, folks! Enjoy the design as though it were the "Around The Fur" original. The album title pops right out, we cant read it without seeing those truly cool graphics describing the very pictorial band's wildness and intensity. It's a history of a Deftones piece that you can wear!

However, it's also not only about the looks because this tee is designed to last. The double-stitched weave is tough like Chino Moreno’s vocals, but the soft cotton is as if you are embraced by Abe Cunningham’s drums. Whether you are moshing at a concert, kickin' it with your posse or simply a die-hard fan, this Tshirt is a great way to show your appreciation for the record-breaking music the Deftones create.

It is not only a fashion accessory, it is a very important message. It’s a link to the intensity of playing Deftones' music. Represent in your concealed, and now help grow the world's biggest Deftones clan in toasting to their long-lived influence on the alt-metal movement. This tee will take you through countless mosh pits and also chills, run with it. Let’s don this apparel to make the wild side of the Deftones real!

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