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Vintage Bugs Bunny Carrot Adventure t shirt

This vintage t shirt is made of 100% cotton and is white in color. It features a crew neck and short sleeves for a comfortable fit. The shirt is single-stitched, ensuring durability and longevity.

On the front of the shirt, there is a hand-silk screened image of Bugs Bunny wearing a cowboy hat and a bandana around his neck. He is tipping his hat with a carrot in his hand, adding a playful touch to the design.

On the back of the shirt, there is another hand-silk screened image of Bugs Bunny peeping out of the famous Warner Brothers carrot tunnel. The words "Bugs Bunny" are written in yellow, completing the design.

This Bugs Bunny t shirt is a perfect addition to any vintage t shirt collection. The hand-silk screened images and single-stitched construction make it a high-quality and unique piece.

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